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        Communication Policies

        The policies in this section cover policies and procedures related to media and communications at UNFPA.

        Please note that the Policies and Procedures Manual is necessarily a "living document" subject to changes and updates. All policies, even those needing minor or substantive revision are? official policy of the UNFPA and therefore are in effect.

        18 July 2022
        This policy outlines the process for developing and approving the CPD.
        18 July 2022
        Other Programme Policies include Policy for Country Programme Regular Resource Allocation and Regular Resource Distribution, Standard Operating Procedures for Countries Wishing to Adopt the "DaO" Approach, Population and Reproductive Health Analysis, and Results-Based Management Policy
        12 January 2022
        The UNFPA strategic plan, 2022-2025, reaffirms the relevance of the current strategic direction of UNFPA.
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